Identify Problem and Solution

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Explain Remind students that the plot of a story usually begins with a problem and ends with a solution. The plot development moves from conflict to resolution. Write the following paragraph on the board: Marcus needed help with his math homework because he had missed some classes when he was sick. He called a friend from class and said, “Taylor, I can help you with your science project. Do you have time to help me with the math homework?” Read the paragraph with students. Tell them that they will identify the problem and the solution, or resolution of the conflict, in this paragraph.

Guided Practice Ask a volunteer to state the problem that Marcus faced. (At the beginning of the paragraph, Marcus needed help with his math homework.) Then ask how Marcus solved the problem. (In the middle of the paragraph Marcus called a classmate and offered to help his friend with a science project. Finally, he resolved his problem by asking for help with his math homework.)

Practice Read this text aloud to students: Maria looked in all the usual places for the basement key. She needed to leave for school, and her schoolbag was locked in the basement. Having no choice, she climbed all the way up to the attic where her mother was looking through some old files. “Mom,” Maria asked, “can I please borrow the basement spare key?” Have students listen carefully and raise their hands when they hear Maria’s problem. (Her schoolbag was locked in the basement.) Have them raise their hands again when they hear the solution. (Maria borrows the basement spare key.)