Analyze Character, Setting, and Plot

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Explain Review the terms character, setting, and plot. Write the following passage on the board: Terry and Chris had just started Saturday morning batting practice when their softball sailed over the baseball field’s high fence. Walking all the way around the fence to get the ball back would have taken forever. “I’ve got an idea, Terry,” Chris said. “Spot,” Chris called to his dog, and pointed to the ball. “Run and get the softball for us.” Spot had the ball back in no time! Read the paragraph aloud with students. Tell them that they will identify the characters and the setting in this passage. Students should think about the beginning, middle, and end of the passage to describe how the characters and the setting help to move the plot along.

Guided Practice Ask: Who is this story about? (Terry, Chris, and Spot, a dog) Where and when does the story happen? (on a baseball field on a Saturday morning) What happens in the story? (Terry and Chris lose a softball over a fence. Chris asks his dog, Spot, to get it. Spot returns the ball.) Help students identify clues as necessary.

Practice Draw a diagram with three circles on the board and label the circles Beginning, Middle, and End. Reread the passage with students. In the circles have students list the events that form the plot development. Then have them use the diagram to retell the story.