Identify Theme

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Explain Choose a fairy tale and read a version of it aloud. If, for instance, you are reading a version of “Cinderella” you might say, The theme of this story is that a person whom some people see as very lowly might really be very beautiful and worthwhile. Even though Cinderella is treated very badly by her stepmother and stepsisters, she is such a beautiful person that the Prince falls in love with her at the ball and searches all over the kingdom for her.

Guided Practice Retell another fairy tale, such as “The Frog Prince,” where someone gets transformed through a special process. Ask questions that will help students identify the theme, such as What is the hero or heroine like at the beginning of the story? What is this person like at the end? How is the transition made? What can you learn from this?

Practice Ask students to name other fairy tales or similar stories that they know. Write the titles on the board and help students to identify the theme of each of them.