Making Money

3rd Grade Oral Language Resources

Content Objectives

Students will:

• Learn about the concept of making money.
• Access prior knowledge and build background different reasons and ways to make money.
• Explore and apply understanding of the concept of making money.

Language Objectives

Students will:

• Demonstrate an understanding of the concept of having a place of one's own.
• Orally use words that identify different kinds of places people like to call their own.
• Extend oral vocabulary by discussing what they might accomplish in places of their own.
• Use key concept words [money, volunteer, business, profit, save].



• Use the slideshow to review the key concept words.
• Explain that students are going to learn about making money:
• It's important to have money of one's own.
• There are a lot of ways to make money.
• It is important to save some of the money we make.


• After the host introduces the slide show, point to the photo on screen. Ask students: What is the boy in the picture doing? (putting money in a piggy bank, saving money).
• Ask students: What can you do with money? (you can buy things you want or need, you can save money to pay for college, and so forth).
• Say: Money helps us to buy things we need. It's good to have money on hand to buy things when you need them, and it's also very important to save money. How much money have you saved? (answers will vary).

Guided Practice

• Guide students through the next three slides, showing them different ways to make and save money. Always have the students discuss what they would like to buy.


• Play the games that follow. Have them discuss with their partner the different topics that appear during the Talk About It feature.
• After the first game, ask students to talk about money• making experiences they have had. After the second game, have them discuss the kind of things they hope to accomplish by saving money.


• Ask students: If you had a million dollars, how might you use that money to help others?
• Summarize for students that they can't buy anything without money. They can get money by working or volunteering. It is a good idea to save money. Encourage them to think about why it is a good idea to save money.