Animal Defenses

5th Grade Research and Inquiry Resources


- Students will do research and inquiry on animal defenses.
- Students will learn about adaptations made by different animal species that protect them from predators.
- Students will independently choose an animal and find out about its adaptations and defense.
- Students will draw a picture of the animal and list compile facts about it.


This internet site is an index of links to educational Web sites about animal defenses and adaptations. It was developed by the Utah Education Network.

Suggested Activities

- After students have read about animals and their adaptations, ask them to write a short piece in which they imagine their life on an alien planet. Have students describe conditions on the planet and to write about how they would have to adapt to their new surroundings.

Level Activities

- Have students connect to Have students read about the different types of adaptations that keep animals safe from predators.

Approaching Have students choose one animal, make a drawing of it and label the drawing to show what parts of the animal are used for defense.

On level Have students group together animals with similar defense techniques.

Beyond Have students choose an animal, and then write and illustrate a comic strip about a situation in which the animal uses the characteristics it has developed to adapt.