I'm Good at Helping

Kindergarten Research and Inquiry Resources


• Children will use the computer to do research and inquiry on Earth Day.
• Children will learn more about how to help clean up a park.
• Children will complete a worksheet by finding and coloring in pictures of recyclables.

Suggested Activities

• Have children look at the pictures of the park cleanup on the Web site. Ask them what the children shown in the pictures are doing to help clean the park, and what supplies they use to do so. Gather the necessary supplies, and take a trip to clean up a park near the school.
• Make a recyclable class birdfeeder to hang outside the classroom. Bring in a clean, empty milk carton. Cut holes in the carton and fill it with birdseed. Use string or yarn to hang it from a tree which can be viewed from the classroom. Create a log allowing the children to track what different kinds of bird visit the feeder and when. Maintain the feeder and refill it with birdseed when necessary.