5th Grade, Research and Inquiry Activities

1. Connect to this link: http://www.storiesfromtheweb.org/books/index.asp

2. Click on Poems .

3. Click on Lots of poems organized by name and find a group of poems that looks interesting. Find at least three poems to read from different groups.

4. Choose one poem you really like or really do not like a lot. Copy it on a piece of paper. Make sure you write down the author's name and the name of the Web site where you found the poem.

5. Pretend you work for a newspaper and you are writing a review of the poem. Write a short paragraph explaining why you do or do not like the poem. Be specific and tell which words, phrases, ideas, or rhymes make or do not make the poem appealing. Would you recommend this poem to other people?

6. Share your poem and review with a small group.

To read more poems visit: http://www.poetspath.com/exhibits/magnificentrainbow.html.