Identify Facts and Details

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Explain Write the following paragraph on the board: Hummingbirds are very small birds. They are able to hover, or fly in one place, by beating their wings very fast. Some hummingbirds beat their wings 70 times per second. In fact, they get their name from the humming sound their wings make while beating. 

Guided Practice Read the text with students. Draw a Descriptive Web on the board and write hummingbirds in the main circle. Ask students to identify descriptive facts and details about hummingbirds and record them on the web.

Practice Write this text on the board. Read it with students. Ants are social insects that live in groups called colonies. Ants need other ants to build nests, gather food, and protect themselves. Ants use their senses of smell, touch, sound, and taste to communicate. Have students create Descriptive Webs to record the characteristics of ants.