Animal Families

1st Grade Oral Language Resources

Content Objectives

Children will:

• Learn about the concept of animal families.
• Access prior knowledge and build background about animal families we see in our communities.
• Explore and apply concepts of why animals need families.

Language Objectives

Children will:

• Demonstrate an understanding of the concept of animal families.
• Orally use words that name and describe the different members of an animal family.
• Extend oral vocabulary by speaking about how animal parents take care of their babies.
• Use key concept words [family, mother, father, baby, protect, provide].



• Use the slideshow to review the key concept words.
• Explain that children are going to learn about:
• Why animals need families.
• How animal moms and dads provide for their babies.
• How animal moms and dads protect their babies.


• After the host introduces the slideshow, point to the animals on screen. Ask children: What kind of animals do you see in this picture? (elephants). How do you know the are a family? (older elephants and younger elephants).
• Ask children: How could the parents in this animal family take care of their babies? (help them find food, help them find water, keep them safe).
• Proceed to the next slide. Say: This mother bird keeps her babies safe by building a nest high in a tree. How else is the mother bird taking care of her babies? (feeding them).

Guided Practice

• Guide children through the next two slides, showing them the different ways that animal parents take care of their babies. Always have children describe how the animal families are the same as and different from their own families.


• Play the first activity. Have them discuss with their partner the different topics that appear during the Talk About It feature.
• After the first game, ask children to discuss other baby animals they can think of and what they need. After the second game, have children discuss which of the animal families would be most fun to live with and help them learn more about the animals they are interested in.


• Ask children: What do baby animals need help from their parents?
• Say: We need our families to take care of us. Animals need their parents to take care of them too. Animal moms and dads protect their babies from danger and provide for them by giving them food, water, and shelter.