2nd Grade Research and Inquiry Resources


• Children will use the Internet to do research and inquiry on plays.
• Children will learn more about how to put on a play.
• Children will read a play online. They will then make a list of props they would need for the play.


The site is presented by PBSkids. The site offers educational activities and information on a wide range of subjects. It also provides resources for parents and teachers.

Suggested Activities

• Have children decide on props for the play. Then have children rehearse.
• Have children act out Goldilocks and the Three Bears: An Ubbi Dubbi Fairy Tale in class.

Level Activities

• Have children connect to Then have children:
Approaching Follow the instructions to create a short play. Then have children print out their play.
On level Read their plays in small groups.
Beyond Perform one or several of their plays for the class.