3rd Grade Research and Inquiry Resources


• Students will use the Internet to do research and inquiry on animation.
• Students will drag images on top of one another to create an animation.
• Students will draw panels for their own animations.
• Students will complete an additional activity.


This internet site was created by PBS to accompany artist Paul Fierlinger's animation, Still Life with Dogs.

Suggested Activities

• Have the students staple their paneled drawings together to make a flip book. If the paneled drawings are large, they will need to redraw them in miniature so they can be flipped easily. Four inches square is the maximum size for a good flip book.

Level Activities

• Have the students connect to to see how poetry and animation can be combined. Ask them to choose one of the poems and click on the title or the picture. Have students watch the interactive poetry presentation. Then have students:
Approaching discuss if the animation helped them understand the poem and if they liked it.
On level write a paragraph comparing a poem without animation to one of the poems using animation.
Beyond Have students make animation panels using words and present them to the class.