Making Friends

3rd Grade Research and Inquiry Resources


• Students will use the Internet to do research and inquiry on making friends and maintaining friendships.
• Students will learn what their peers think about friendship.
• Students will compare and contrast their opinions about friendship with those of their peers.
• Students will read the results of a survey and formulate their own responses to the questions asked.


This Web Site was created by a group of students at Pleasant Grove Elementary School in Stockbridge, Georgia. It includes topics related to friendship, such as: "What problems do friends have?"; "What kind of friend are you?"; "How well do you know your friend?"; and "Poems about friendship."

Suggested Activities

• Have students navigate the entirety of the site and complete related activities. For example, have students click on the link titled What kinds of problems do friends have?; Read about the potential problems; and come up with their own solutions before clicking on the Solutions link. Alternatively, have them take the quiz under What kind of friend are you?.

Level Activities

• Have students connect to Then, have them:
Approaching choose their favorite friendship quote and share it with the class, explaining why they think it is important.
On level choose five quotes and rewrite them in their own words.
Beyond try to write two or three of their own quotes on friendship, and share them with the class.