5th Grade Oral Language Resources

Content Objectives

Students will:

• Learn about the concept of democracy.
• Access prior knowledge and build background about what democracy means.
• Explore and apply the concept of democracy.

Language Objectives

Students will:

• Demonstrate an understanding of the concept of democracy.
• Orally use words that describe what democracy is, and how a democracy works.
• Extend oral vocabulary by speaking about democracy terms.
• Use key concept words [capitol, protest, vote, march; democracy].



• Use the slideshow to review the key concept words.
• Explain that students are going to learn about:
• What democracy means.
• What freedoms democracy entails.
• How democracy is represented in the United States.


• After the host introduces the slideshow, point to the photo on screen. Ask students: What do you think it means to live under a democracy? (to have equal rights, to be treated fairly, to have the right to vote, etc.)
• Ask students: In America, what are some things that we can do because our government is a democracy? (We can worship freely, express ourselves freely, and vote.)
• Say: In this activity, we're going to learn about what it means to live in a country where the government is a democracy. Where other countries are democracies? (India, Canada, France, etc.)

Guided Practice

• Guide students through the next two slides, showing them examples of democratic rights that all Americans have. Always have the students describe the importance of these rights.


• Play the games that follow. Have them discuss with their partner the different topics that appear during the Talk About It feature.
• After the first game, ask students to talk about ways they would like to use their democratic rights at school or at home. After the second game, have them discuss things that people may not be able to do if they do not live in a democracy.


• Ask students: How do you think living in a democracy affects your life?
• Summarize for students that a democracy is a type of government where everyone can vote and express themselves freely. Encourage them to think about the ways that our democratic government affects our lives, as Americans.