Cinquains and Other Kinds of Poems

5th Grade Research and Inquiry Resources


• Students will use the Internet to do research and inquiry on cinquain poetry.
• Students will learn the difference between traditional and modern cinquain forms.
• Students will brainstorm ideas for a poem.
• Students will write a cinquain.


Brief Description of Internet Site: This well• designed Web site was created by Suzanne Honour, an Australian poet. The site gives the definition of different types of poetry• from the cinquain to the epic poem• and offers examples of each.

Suggested Activities

• Have students click on Haiku located in the poetry menu. Have the students read the definition of haiku and examples of the form. Then have them compare haiku and cinquain poems.
• Students can also click on Concrete, located in the same menu, to read the definition and an example of a concrete poem.
• Students can explore other forms of poetry on the Web site.

Level Activities

• Have students connect to Ask them to:
Approaching fill in the blanks with the appropriate parts of speech. When they have finished filling out the template, have them click See Your Wacky Web Tale to read the cinquains the computer creates with their words.
On level use the same words they entered into the template to write different cinquains. Then have them fill out the template with new words, and use these to write two cinquains of their own, being sure to incorporate all the words they listed. Beyond fill out the template again, with new words, and then exchange word lists with a partner. The partners must use each other's word lists to write two cinquains.