Food Traditions

Kindergarten Oral Language Resources

Content Objectives

Children will:

• Learn about the concept of menus and traditional meals.
• Access prior knowledge and build background about menus.
• Explore and apply the concept of traditions.

Language Objectives

Children will:

• Demonstrate an understanding of the concept of traditions.
• Orally use words that describe menus and traditional meals.
• Extend oral vocabulary by speaking about traditions.
• Use key concept words [tradition, menu].



• Use the slideshow to review the key concept words.
• Explain that children are going to learn about traditional meals:
• What a menu is.
• What types of items are found on a menu.
• What a tradition is.
• What a traditional Thanksgiving meal has on its menu.


• After the host introduces the slideshow, point to the photo on screen. Ask children: What do you see in this picture? (a restaurant).
• Ask children: In what types of places do you like eat? (answers will vary).
• Say: Today we are going to learn about menus. We will also learn about traditions. Menus have a list of food items. Traditions are customs that are passed down. What traditions does your family have? (answers will vary).

Guided Practice

• Guide children through the next three slides, showing them that there are many different types of menues. Always have the children describe what they would order from the menu.


• Play the games that follow. Have them discuss with their partner the different topics that appear during the Talk About It feature.
• After the first game, ask children to talk about different foods they might have if they planned a meal. After the second game, have them discuss activities they enjoy participating in during each of the four seasons.


• Ask children: What is your favorite food to eat during the winter? What about the summer? Explain.
• Say: Menus are different for different seasons too! Think about other foods you only eat during the summer or winter.