Traveling Far and Near

Kindergarten Oral Language Resources

Content Objectives

Children will:

• Learn about the concept of traveling
• Access prior knowledge and build background about going on journeys.
• Explore and apply the concept of travel.

Language Objectives

Children will:

• Demonstrate an understanding of the concept of going on a journey.
• Orally use words that describe traveling and journeys.
• Extend oral vocabulary by speaking about travel.
• Use key concept words [travel, journey].



• Use the slideshow to review the key concept words.
• Explain that children are going to learn about going on a journey:
• Various modes of transportation people use when they travel.
• How we get from place to place.
• What it means to go on a journey.


• After the host introduces the slideshow, point to the photo on screen. Ask children: What do you see in this picture? (cars)
• Ask children: Have you ever taken a trip? (Answers will vary) Where did you go? (Answers will vary)
• Say: Today we are going to learn about traveling. When traveling, you have to take certain items such as clothing. What do you bring with you when you travel? (answers will vary).

Guided Practice

• Guide children through the next three slides, showing them that people use vehicles to travel. Always have the children discuss who they travel with.


• Play the games that follow. Have them discuss with their partner the different topics that appear during the Talk About It feature.
• After the first game, ask children to talk about places they go that are close to them and places that are far away. After the second game, have them discuss sounds they hear everyday.


• Ask children: Where are places you have been? Explain.
• Say: People travel to many different places, both near and far. Think about where you would go if you could go anywhere.