How Do You Go to School

Kindergarten Research and Inquiry Resources


• Children will use the computer to do research and inquiry on different types of vehicles with wheels.
• Children will learn about unusual things with wheels: a truck, a bicycle, and a Segway scooter.
• Children will draw wheels of their own design on a picture of a bicycle.

Suggested Activities

• Give each child two paper plates. Ask him or her to decorate them as wheels. Unroll a large sheet of craft paper (big enough to accommodate all of the wheels) and have children glue their pair of wheels onto the sheet. Then have children draw a vehicle around each of the wheels to form a mural of a large city street full of different kinds of transportation.
• Ask children to collect objects in the classroom that are circular and will roll like a wheel. Then ask them to find objects that will not roll. As a class, experiment with the objects and ask which of them are the most like a wheel.