5th Grade, Research and Inquiry Activities

1. Connect to this link:
2. Click Assess Yourself and answer the questions. After you choose your top three interests, click the middle of the circle to see the jobs that fit your profile.

3. Choose a job and read more about it. Then click Back to see another job.

4. Of the jobs listed, what are the top three jobs that sound interesting to you? On the lines below, list the jobs and write a sentence for each explaining why they sound interesting.

- __________________________________________________________________________

- __________________________________________________________________________

- __________________________________________________________________________
5. After browsing through several jobs, choose the one job that you hope to have when you grow up and answer the following questions about this job:

a. What is the job? __________________________________________________

b. What is the average salary? _________________________________________

c. What kind of education do you need? _________________________________

d. Is this job popular? Will it get more or less popular in coming years?

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