The Environment

5th Grade, Research and Inquiry Activities

1. Connect to this link:

2. To begin learning about Global Warming and Earth Processes, click on the following:
- The sun icon for Let's Learn About Global Warming
- The cloud icon for Let's Learn About The Water Cycle
- The molecules icon for Let's Learn About The Carbon Cycle
Note: Read and follow the directions in order to complete the exercises under each icon. Remember to Click on the Next arrow icon, located on bottom center, to read all text bullets and to go to the next scene.

3. When you have completed each exercise you will see, The End . On this page, Click on Take Quiz , located bottom center.

4. Read and follow the instructions to take the quiz.

5. At the end of each quiz you will get a score. Print your score.

6. Click on the Main Menu arrow icon, located bottom right, to start the next exercise.

7. You will have a total of three scores to show your knowledge of Global Warming and Earth Processes .

For additional information on the environment, go to