5th Grade, Research and Inquiry Activities

1. Connect to this link:
2. Read the Welcome page and the directions for taking a virtual tour of Antarctica. At the bottom of the page next to Go on to, click on South Pole.

3. You will read about what it is like at a research station located at the South Pole. Read about your arrival at Antarctica at the top of the page.

4. Read the text under the heading Sun, Wind, and Temperatures! Then click on the tour page on Life at the South Pole and the Sun. Scroll through the pictures. Click on any you wish to see enlarged.

5. At the bottom of the page, choose the Life at the South Pole Page. Read what it's like to live at the South Pole.

6. Imagine you have just come to work at the research center in Antarctica. Use what you have learned to write a journal entry for your first day in Antarctica. Describe your new environment and discuss how you feel about being there.

To read more about Antarctica, go to