National Parks

5th Grade, Research and Inquiry Activities

1. Connect to this link:

2. Click on Search by Topic on the left menu bar.

3. Choose a topic, such as Fossils/Dinosaurs or Volcanoes. Click on the box to check it. Then click on Find a Park. Read the descriptions about the parks that come up under your search. Choose one and click on its name.

4. Read the general information about the park. You may also click on items in the menu on the righthand side of your park's Web page for extra information.

5. Make a travel brochure for the park. Include a drawing of a map of the United States that shows where the park is located, a description of what people can do at the park, operating hours, nature and special attractions, historical background, and other interesting information that would make someone want to visit. Illustrate your brochure with drawings or photos you print from the site.

6. Share your brochure with a small group and explain why your national park is a good place to visit.
To see a Web site brochure of Yellowstone National Park, connect to