Physical Fitness

5th Grade, Research and Inquiry Activities

1. Connect to this link:

2. To become an expert on a sport or activity, decide if you prefer team sports or solo sports.

3. Choose your preference by clicking on the picture of the martial artist for solo sports, or scrolling down to Team Sports under More Topics.

4. Find the list of different types of sports you could participate in either as a team member or by yourself, in the top right corner of the page.

5. Click on your choice of a sport and read the details about it.

6. Pretend that a fellow classmate is also interested in your favorite sport but wants to learn more about it. On a blank sheet of paper, write a paragraph describing the sport to your classmate. Include some of the sport's history if possible, and what is required to become a player of the sport. Also, list all the benefits of this sport and how it would help someone's physical fitness.
For additional information on physical fitness, go to