Grades 3-4 - "sion" and "tion" words

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Words Ending in -sion and -tion
Add the suffix -sion or -tion to the following base words to make new words. If the base word ends in e, be sure to drop the e before adding the ending.
1. decorate _______________ 5. act   ________________
2. affect _______________ 6. complicate ________________
3. educate _______________ 7. profess ________________
4. inspect _______________ 8. discuss _______________
Some words with these suffixes do not have base words that end in s or t(e). Add the suffix -sion or -tion to the words below.
9. pronounce ______________ 11. describe ______________
10. decide ______________ 12. conclude ______________
Some words with suffixes -sion and -tion have no stand-alone base word. Fill in the following blanks with s or t to make a word you know. 
13. N A ___ I O N    17. M O ___ I O N
14. Q U E S ___ I O N   18. F R A C ___ I O N
15. M A N ___ I O N   19. C A P ___ I O N
16. A T T E N ___ I O N   20. O C C A ___ I O N
Spelling words with the suffixes -sion and -tion can be difficult. Learning to find the base word will help you choose between an -sion or -tion spelling.
Example: separation Base Word:   separate 
Example: expression Base Word: express
A base word ending in t will usually take a -tion ending. A base word ending in s will usually take an -sion ending.