Rhyming Poems

2nd Grade Research and Inquiry Resources


• Children will use the Internet to do research and inquiry on rhyming poetry.
• Children will learn more about rhyming.
• Children will complete an online assignment by completing a rhyming quiz. Children will print out their results.


The site is presented by the Oswego city school district of New York. It has educational resources for students, parents, and teachers.

Suggested Activities

• Have children think of words that rhyme with their names or nicknames.
• Have children create a group poem using all their names with the rhyming words that they think of.

Level Activities

• Have children connect to http://www.imaginesongs.com/pencil2.html. Then have children:

Watch and listen to the poem "This Little Pencil" by Joe Thompson.

On level Talk about what they liked about the poem.

Beyond Write a rhyming poem about their favorite school supply.