1st Grade Research and Inquiry Resources


• Children will use the computer to do research and inquiry on teamwork.
• Children will use the Internet to learn how people work together to build a playground.
• Children will show their understanding of working together by coloring the pictures showing teamwork and drawing their own playground.

Suggested Activities

• Have the children go back to the Website and read about how people work together to create a playground. Ask children to identify the different kinds of jobs that are needed to build something. How would they want to help if they were working with the people in the pictures? Have children add a picture of themselves helping to build the playground on their worksheet.
• Explain to children that your class is like a team and teams need to work together. Play the pretzel game with children to develop teamwork skills. Have them stand in a circle and hold hands with two different people on the other side of the circle. The entire group needs to untangle itself without letting go of anyone else's hands. Remind children that they need to work together and encourage each other so that everyone can become untangled.