What’s the Difference?

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Materials drawing paper, markers or crayons

Explain Tell students they will draw two bedrooms, one for an athletic person and the other for a person who enjoys relaxing more than sports. 

Guided Practice/Practice Have students work with partners to plan two bedrooms for the two different people. Encourage them to use a Compare and Contrast Chart to share their ideas for the different rooms before they draw them. Tell them to label items in each room that are alike and that are different. Allow them to present their drawings to the class and to display them in the classroom.

Identify Facts and Opinions

Explain Review the terms fact and opinion. Write the following on the board: The Chinese are credited with inventing the first kites. At first, the Chinese used kites to carry messages. Kites are now used as great toys. Also, most people can easily afford them. Read the text with students. Tell them that they will identify facts and opinions. 

Guided Practice Discuss the first two sentences with students. Ask:, Are the first two sentences facts or opinions? (facts) How do you know? (A fact can be proved by checking a reliable source.)

Practice Ask students to circle the words or phrases in the last two sentences that show these sentences express opinions. (great, most, easily)