Grades 3-4 - Active Voice and Passive Voice

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Active Voice and Passive Voice
Read each sentence. Label the voice as active or passive. 
____________________ 1. Armstrong grew up in New Orleans.
____________________ 2. He first gained fame as a trumpet player.
____________________ 3. Many musicians were influenced by his bold style.
____________________ 4. Armstrong’s singing was loved by audiences. 
Rewrite each sentence below. Change the voice from passive to active.
5. His famous Hot Five band was formed by Armstrong in 1925.
6. The hit song “Hello, Dolly!” was recorded by Armstrong in 1963.
7. His music still is enjoyed by people all over the world.
Do your action verbs live up to their names? You can write action verbs in active voice, when the subject performs the action, or passive voice, when the subject receives the action.
Active voice: Louis Armstrong changed the sound of jazz.
Passive voice: The sound of jazz was changed by Louis Armstrong. 
Some writers use the passive voice too often. Use the active voice whenever possible to make your writing livelier.