6th Grade, Research and Inquiry Activities

1. Connect to this link: http://home.freeuk.net/elloughton13/fableindex.htm

2. Click on the picture of the two men next to The Tiger, the Jackal, and the Brahman.

3. You will arrive at a screen with a series of numbered events. Print this page. (It will print as two pages on your printer.)

4. Click on the picture of the tiger above the text. This will take you to the story called "Tiger, Brahman and Jackal." As you read the story, look through the events on your printed pages and think about the correct order.

5. Look at the row of boxes at the bottom of the second page you printed. Fill in the events in sequential order. Reread the story on the Website to help you remember the order of the events.

6. When you have finished filling in the sequence, answer the question at the bottom of the second printed page: What do you think was the message of this story? Write a few sentences explaining in your own words the message of the story.
For additional information on fables go to http://www.mcwdn.org/fables/aesop.html