Narrative Poetry

5th Grade Research and Inquiry Resources


• Students will use the Internet to research narrative poetry.
• Students will find and read narrative poems on a poetry Web site.
• Students will write a response to one of the poems.
• Students will complete an additional activity.


The Giggle Poetry Web site is a site for kids that explores poetry written by established authors and children. It also has fun activities, writing contests, and other poetry• related activities.

Suggested Activities

• Have students return to the main site and click on Read 'Em Rate 'Em to find examples of narrative poems that children have written. They can also grade the poems.

Level Activities

• Have students connect to and pick out their favorite narrative poem. Then have students:
Approaching read the poem with a partner and discuss the story that the poem is telling.
On level rewrite the poem in the form of a regular story.
Beyond write their own narrative poem about an experience of theirs, using the same style as the poem they chose.