Media and Technology Activities

1st Grade, Book 2

Our Families, Our Neighbors

  1. Little Red Hen - Keyboarding: Home Keys
  2. Little Red Hen - Download Media and Technology Activities

2nd Grade, Book 1

Friends and Family

  1. My Name is Yoon - Computer Literacy Activities
  2. My Name is Yoon - Download Media Literacy Activity

3rd Grade, Book 1

Let’s Learn

  1. Wolf! - Computer Literacy Activities
  2. Wolf! - Download Media Literacy Activity

4th Grade, Book 1

Growing Up

  1. My Diary from Here to There - Computer Literacy Activities: Access Webpages
  2. My Diary from Here to There - Download Media Literacy Activities

5th Grade, Book 1

Taking a Stand

  1. Goin’ Someplace Special - Computer LIteracy Activities: Search Techniques
  2. Goin’ Someplace Special - Download Media Literacy Activities

6th Grade, Book 1

Take Action

  1. Summer of the Swans - Create a Web Page