Distinguish Fantasy and Reality

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Explain Remind students that some stories mix elements of fantasy (characters, settings, or events that could not happen in real life) with elements of reality (true-tolife characters, settings, or events). Write this paragraph on the board: Melody, a cheerful hummingbird, looked at her calendar. She said to a cloud, “It’s time I headed north for the summer. Look at all those geese! They are all headed north!” Read the sentences with the students. Ask them to decide if this story is fantasy or reality.

Guided Practice Say, There are some things that could really happen in this story. Hummingbirds and geese do head north for the summer. Name the things that really couldn’t happen. (Hummingbirds cannot read calendars or speak.) Help students conclude that this story is a fantasy.

Practice Read the following paragraph aloud. Ask students which parts are fantasy and which parts could happen in reality. Stuffed animals filled Andre’s room. He had collected them since he was five years old. One stuffed bear said, “Give your brother at least half a dozen of us! This room is too crowded!” Andre decided to give some to his younger brother.