Chronological Order of Events

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Explain Write the following sentences on the board: The baseball team needed to raise money for team T-shirts. First, they held a meeting to discuss fundraising ideas. Then the team agreed upon a used book sale. Next, they asked their classmates to donate used books. Finally, the team sold the books in the cafeteria during lunch hour. Remind students that they can use clue words to determine the sequence of events.

Guided Practice Read the paragraph with students. Ask them to circle the words that signal the chronological order of events. (first, then, next, finally) Then have them retell the order of events in the passage. (The baseball team meets, agrees to hold a used book sale, asks for book donations, and sells the books during lunch hour.)

Practice Have students write a paragraph that tells about the opening baseball game for the team. Remind them to use sequence words such as first, next, and last in their paragraphs. Ask students to read their paragraphs aloud. Remind the class to listen for the sequence or chronological order of events.