Unusual Pets

1st Grade Research and Inquiry Resources


• Children will use the computer to do research and inquiry on pets.
• Children will use the Internet to learn about the needs of unusual pets.
• Children will show an understanding of pet needs by naming their own pet and drawing pictures of three things the pet needs.



Internet link:



Suggested Activities

• Have children go back to the website and look carefully at the pictures of the children caring for their unusual pets. Ask children to draw a picture of themselves taking care of their unusual pet on the back of their worksheets. If possible, have children write in the name of the type of animal they have chosen for a pet.
• Have children bring in a stuffed animal that is not an ordinary pet. Have the class choose and name one animal and make it class pet for a week. Place the "pet" in a learning center and have small groups of children examine and document their experience with the pet. They might draw a picture of the entire animal, write about its physical characteristics, or make up a story. With the entire class, talk about what the animal eats, where it sleeps, and what else you would need to care of it as a pet. Take a class vote to decide if the animal really would make a good pet.