Civil Rights

5th Grade Research and Inquiry Resources


• Students will use the Internet to learn about civil rights. • Students will learn about basketball during the civil rights era. • Students will write a newspaper article explaining what they imagine an historic basketball game would have been like if it happened in modern times.


This is the Web site for Parade magazine. It features this archived article, which was written by Gary M. Pomerantz, an acclaimed author who has written several books about race and culture in America.

Suggested Activities

• Have students discuss what other athletic events have had a larger historical impact on a specific country or place. How can they explain these events? Encourage them to use the Internet to do research. • Have students create multimedia projects such as timelines or maps using important details from these historic events.

Level Activities

• Have students connect to:;jsessionid=DDFA26694DE94224488E3832978A2F42?nKeyValue=6. Then ask them to:

Approaching read the timeline from the beginning until they reach the entry about Wilt Chamberlain. What events are listed that occurred in America before this entry?

On level choose an interesting topic on the timeline and select More to further explore it.

Beyond read about two events listed on the timeline and discuss how an earlier event may have influenced a later event.