6th Grade Research and Inquiry Resources


• Students will use the Internet to do research and inquiry on haiku poetry.
• Students will read several examples of Haikus and learn about the rules for writing Haikus.
• Students will use the information they have learned to write their own Haikus.


This site was created to honor the famous Haiku poet Shiki Masaoka. The site is hosted on the Web site for Matsuyama University in Japan.

Suggested Activities

• Have students work in small groups to make Haiku books about the current season. Students should be encouraged to bring or photograph actual objects that remind them of the season and include them in their book. Students can use the Haiku rules from the Web site to edit each other's Haiku poems.

Level Activities

• Have students go to http://volweb.utk.edu/school/bedford/harrisms/haiku.htm. Then have students:
Approaching use the information on the Web site to write their own Haikus.
On level look through poetry books or research on the Internet to find poems about seasons. Have them work in pairs to rewrite the poems they found into Haikus. Make sure they look back on the Web site to review the rules for writing Haikus.
Beyond read over the Web site and then write up their own "instruction manual" to teach others how to write a Haiku. Students can work in groups to create their document. They should include the rules, examples of other Haikus, and questions to help students brainstorm ideas. If possible, bring students to a younger grade classroom and have them teach other students how to write a Haiku using their own directions.