Machu Picchu

6th Grade Research and Inquiry Resources


• Students will use the Internet to do research and inquiry on Machu Picchu.
• Students will learn more about the Inca Trail leading to Machu Picchu.
• Students will record their "experiences" on the Inca Trail to the Lost City. They will also write a paragraph describing their feelings about and what they saw on their trip.


The Virtual Inca Trail was developed by photographer Angus McIntyre. It contains an interactive map as well as the virtual trail. Students can enlarge any photo by clicking on it.

Suggested Activities

• Have the students return to the Virtual Inca Trail and pay careful attention to the Quechua names of places and their English meanings. By clicking on the photo accompanying each description, students can see a bigger picture. Ask students to decide whether each name is an appropriate one or not. If not, encourage them to come up with their own English names for each place.

Level Activities

• Have the students connect to Then have students:
Approaching click on Machu Picchu and use their own words to list three facts about Machu Picchu.
On level work in a group and click on Machu Picchu, then Andes Mountains and Inca. Have the groups give oral reports on the history of the Inca and the Andes Mountains.
Beyond explore the other areas of the site and develop a presentation about several South American cultures. Students might want to compare and contrast several different civilazations to see how the cultures differed.