Animal Babies ABC

Kindergarten Research and Inquiry Resources


• Children will use the computer to do research and inquiry on animal babies and adults.
• Children will learn more about what animal babies and adults look like.
• Children will play a game on the computer matching pictures of animal adults to pictures of animal babies.


Suggested Activities

• Have children look at the pictures on the Web site. Have them think about how the adult animal is physically different from the baby. Create a list on the chalkboard listing the differences between each baby animal and each adult animal.
• Create a height measurement chart in your classroom to display how much taller each child grows during the course of the year. Find a suitable place in your classroom to hang a piece of newsprint that you can unroll to be taller than the children. Have the children line up with their backs against this after it has been hung. Measure their height by drawing a line with a marker from the top of their heads onto the paper, then label the lines. Repeat this later on in the year to show them how much they've grown.