If the Dinosaurs Came Back

Kindergarten Research and Inquiry Resources


• Children will use the computer to do research and inquiry on animals in the past and present.
• Children will think about and decide which animals lived in the past and which ones are alive now.
• Children will show their understanding of past and present by correctly playing a sorting game.



Suggested Activities

• Have children play the game again, looking carefully at the pictures of the dinosaurs in the "past" column. Have children use the pictures in the back of If the Dinosaurs Came Back to try to identify the different kinds of dinosaurs that are pictured in the game.
• Help the children brainstorm a list of events and activities that the class has done in the past. You might include specific writing units, field trips, or class visitors. Make a life• sized timeline with the class showing their favorite events in order, from the past to the present.