The Environment

5th Grade Research and Inquiry Resources


• The students will use the Internet to do research and inquiry on the environment.
• The students will learn more about the environment.
• The students will complete an online exercise by reading about the environment and taking three online quizzes.


This site is presented by, the Environmental Protection Agency. The site is aimed at students in order to educate and inform them about the environment.

Suggested Activities

• Have students talk about ways people can help the environment.
• Have students discuss the various types of environments we live in.

Level Activities

• Have the students connect to Then have students:
Approaching Click on and read Recycling story . Then have them click Next , located bottom center, to go to the next page until all pages have been read.
On level find Recycling and Beyond and click on it. Then have them click on It's not all garbage to take the quiz and print their score.
Beyond write a paragraph of the importance of recycling and its effects on the environment.