3rd Grade, Research and Inquiry Activities

1.Connect to http://www.umass.edu/aesop/contents.html.

2. Choose a fable to read by clicking on its title. Recommended fables include "The Jay and the Peacock," "The Sick Lion," "The Hart and the Hunter," and "The Lion in Love."

3. You will be given a choice between the traditional version of the tale and the modern one. Click on the traditional tale first.

4. Watch the video and read the fable. At some point, the video may pause and you may need to click on a special "next" button to get to the next screen. This may happen several times.

5. When you're done with the traditional fable, click on the Modern icon to watch a newer version of the tale.

6. How did the authors of this Web site rewrite the traditional fable for today’s times? Do you like the modern version or the traditional version of the tale better? Why or why not? Write your answers in the space provided below.

For more fables go to http://www.mcwdn.org/fables/fabindex.html.